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Topin Bag Filter Housing

Topin bag filter housing side inlet, flow through the top design results in a minimum headroom of unfiltered liquid for easy bag change out, as well as providing optimum sealing of the filter bag.
1. The top-in design, the liquid flows through the cover, and the filter bag has excellent sealing performance without side flow. The cover design is unique, the space above the filter bag is extremely small, and the replacement is quicker and more convenient.

2. Only two O-rings are required for optimum sealing without bypass. The cover securely seals the filter and presses it into place.

3. Precision investment casting design with only two welds. The inner surface of the container is very smooth, without pits and cracks, and does not trap substances. Cleaning is very convenient and thorough.

ST402 Topin bag filter housing

ST402 Topin bag filter housing Filtration Specification:
Inlet & Outlet: 2Ħħ Flange
Filtration area: 0.5 m2
Flow rate: 45 m3/h
Design pressure: 10 bar
Suitable working pressure : 4-6 bar
Housing material: 304SS
Optional micron rate: 1um, 5um, 10um, 25um, 50um, 100um, 150um, 200um...600um...1000um
If you need other model, please contact us.

Filtration system application:
---Paints, Coating, Inks, Dispersions
---Water and Water Treatment
---Lubricants, Metalworking Fluids
---Parts Cleaning Solutions
---Pulp and Paper
---Food Processing
---Chemical Processing
---Edible Oils
---Potable Water, Beer, Wine

Model Max Flow(m3/h) Max pressure Pipe Size Material
ST403-304-G25 5 10bar 1" 304/316
ST404-304-G25 10 10bar 1" 304/316
ST401-304-G50 20 10bar 2" 304/316/CS
ST402-304-G50 45 10bar 2" 304/316/CS
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