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New model palstic bag filter housing
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filter bag

Liquid Filter bag
We manufactuer many kinds of filter bags, such as PP filter bag, PE filter bag, Nylon filter bag, Oil absorbing filter bag. 0.5 micron filter bag, 0.3 micron filter bag. 1-600 micron filter bag, and so on.

Filter bag sizes are Dia7"*L32",  Dia7"*L17", Dia4"*L14", Dia4"*L8", Dia6"*L22", and other nonstandard size...

  bag filter housing Single Bag Filter Housing
Single bag filter housing makes cleaning easy and a cover that can be easily adapted to different opening directions are among our single bag filter hosuing's many value added features.

There are two type of cover, the one is Side-in bag filter housing, and the other is Top-in bag filter housing for size 1,2,3,4 housing.They are economical, practical, and broad-spectrum.
Back washing filter Automatic Back washing Filter
Automatic Back-washing Filter is a new generation self-cleaning filtration system independently. It is integrated with a number of slotted filter elements.

When the filter elements are clogged, a specially designed back-flushing arm will clean the elements one by one. As the high-end self-cleaning filter, it is especially designed for customers who take good quality and high eliability into consideration firstly ..
  plastic bag filter housing Plastic bag filter housing
Plastic bag filter housing is a bag filtration system which is produced with 100% PP (polypropylene ).

Plastic bag filter housing with the advantages of excellent PP material, can be used for filtering a lot of chemical sour soda liquids. It is really an economical and practical fine product, etc..
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